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A poser is a person that has no goal to accomplish, other than to irritate those around them in desperate pleas and cries for help.

A person can't be a poser if there is nothing to pose as.

A person that is imitating the acts of their idols or someone else that has accomplished the act in their own time (the past).

A person that claims they are something that they know nothing about is not a poser, they are just ignorant. In fact, maybe you should educate them in your spare time instead of reading this deifinition.

A person that is very young and unwilling to be taught the correct ways of their stereotype (hehehe... I love that definition).

Someone called me a poser, but what exactly am I posing as?
by Strangergirl October 12, 2005
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North Shore is a place that has become quite famous in Texas because of its football team. However, it is seldomly seen as what it really is--- a school seeping of under-achieving, spoiled kids that think it's funny to curse out teachers who get paid more than their parents because they actually took the time to educate themselves.
Yes, that's right. In Houston, Texas, North Shore High School is crawling with these kids. And besides that population of wanna-bees, girls of foreign lips (and voices, and dress) dance on the laps of guys, although their relationships are set to end.
The teachers at North Shore don't trust the students w/ PDA (public displays of affection, for all of you mentally challenged)...(even though they're very leniant) to the point where the dances are in the gyms and the bright lights are on.
But, hey, on the other hand, the highschool is the best in Texas when it comes to the social world. Maybe a little crazy, but it's "all good at da' Sho!"
"Wha' da' HELL shes wearin'?"
"Oo, girl, you betsta watch how you speak. You representin' No' Sho'!"


"Ew, do you see the way those girls are acting?"
*both laugh*
"Yeah, they must be from North Shore or something."
by strangergirl June 08, 2007
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