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A redneck metrosexual, one whose personal image projects sensitivity, soulfulness, refinement, and a willingness to pay attention to a lady's deepest needs. A blue-stater whose sense of personal style would probably get him beaten up in a typical redneck bar. A strain of southern masculinity which runs counter to the NASCAR-watching, Jack Daniels-swilling, wife-beating, trailer park-living stereotype.
Those guys in Lady Antebellum are a couple of Jethrosexuals.
If the Bee Gees had a little twang, they'd be superb Jethrosexuals.
by stonequay March 4, 2012
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an extremist tree-hugger, who shuns the use of any wood-based products, on environmental, philosophical, moral or emotional grounds.
McKenzie is such a treegan that she refused to sit at the wooden kitchen table.
by stonequay June 23, 2017
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A child younger than ten, who is beginning to exhibit some of the behaviors usually associated with pre-teens or tweens (ten- to twelve-year-olds).
Hana gave her father the pre-tween hairy eyeball look.

Eight-year-old Mary was rapidly becoming more pre-tween, watching the Disney Channel nonstop.
by stonequay January 3, 2013
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