A child younger than ten, who is beginning to exhibit some of the behaviors usually associated with pre-teens or tweens (ten- to twelve-year-olds).
Hana gave her father the pre-tween hairy eyeball look.

Eight-year-old Mary was rapidly becoming more pre-tween, watching the Disney Channel nonstop.
by stonequay January 3, 2013
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1. A person who is on the border-line of being a tween and a pre-teen.
2. A person who is not sure if they are a pre-teen or a tween.
1. My parents say I'm growing out of being a teen, but they also say that I'm not mature enough to be a pre-teen. They call me a pre-tween.
2. My parents call me a pre-teen, but my friends call me a tween.
by TheSwiftSilverFox November 15, 2020
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Is 5-7 or mid childhood
Is 8-19 teenager or tweenager.
Young teens are 8-9 or pre-puberty or pre- adolescent
10-19 is a older teens or adolescents or puberty.
Well I'm about to be at tween so I'm a pre tween.
by 459395 January 25, 2022
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