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Created by comedian Richard Herring, St Skeletor's Day falls on February 15th (the day after valentine's day) every year as a separate celebration for all the bitter lonely single people who didn't get cards the day before, or on any valentine's day ever.
Adam: Did you get any St Valentines Day cards?
Teela: No, I celebrate St Skeletor's day.
Adam: Did you get any St Skeletor's Day cards?
Teela: ...no.
by steve_rogers_is_dead September 27, 2007
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Acronym for the experience of one's underwear disappearing into the crack of the buttocks; Pants Up My Arse.
"These y-fronts are a bit tight. Every time I stand up I get a puma."
by steve_rogers_is_dead August 9, 2007
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When visiting a nightclub or other such dancing establishment, the act of unbuckling one's belt, loosening ones trousers and allowing them to drop to the floor, continuing to dance with them shuffling around one's ankles. Often whilst inebriated.
"Did you see Simon the other night? He was dancing around those women Trou-Down, and they were loving it."
by steve_rogers_is_dead November 1, 2007
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The floating remnants of a particularly large and buoyant panful of excrement. As a defense mechanism, the faeces disperse into smaller chunks when the flush is deployed, surviving to haunt the bowl for the next unfortunate soul to encounter.
Simon: Who was last in the toilet?
Chris: Why?
Simon: There's a load of pedigree chum floating around the bowl.
by steve_rogers_is_dead June 16, 2008
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When two people co-operate and each uses a different part of the same device, or covers a separate aspect of the same task.
Based on the racing arcade game designed for two players that was released by Namco in 1992. "Wild" (based on "Cash"), a surfer with long blonde hair who is the shooter, and "Lucky" (modeled after "Tango"), is the driver and wields a gun. One player drives and the other shoots.
Dave: If we're both using the computer, shall we go Lucky & Wild?
Davette: You be the keyboard, I'll be the mouse.
by steve_rogers_is_dead October 18, 2007
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