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A case which I call the drug tin its usually used by druggies to hold their pills weed cigarettes mints vizine and lighters.
I dont do drugs anymore so I just use my altoids for an ash tray. :)
by steve8282 August 09, 2004

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A motion sickness pill that can be bought at over the counter stores it can make you trip and you cannot tell the difference between whats real and what isnt do not do this drug it makes you stupid I did it twice and I already feel more retarded.
Doing dramamine is stupid!! its not enjoyable and it makes you retarded!! stick with weed!!
by Steve8282 August 09, 2004

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Paintball or peanut butter
Do you play with pb guns?
I love pb and jelly sandwiches.
by Steve8282 August 07, 2004

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An white idiot see juggalo .
Juggalos are white trash idiots.
by Steve8282 August 09, 2004

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