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A great wish or desire in Hindi/Urdu. A very popular word in Bollywood love songs. Its also a first name given to girl children.
1. She's my aarzu.

2. Aarzu! Finish your homework and then go out to play.
by srizah September 15, 2011
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Hypocrisy evidenced in a large group of people adhering to organizations like a company, a religion, a political party, a nation and the like. The larger the group of people in the orgaization the higher the mobocrisy. With mobocrisy, collective group of people tend to paint rosy pictures, pretend everything is fine and refuse to see the truth.
Hey Steve, what happened to your proposal to clean up the ordering process?

Forget it! Literally nobody in the team wants to acknowledge that the problem exists. My proposal could not survive the sheer mobocrisy displayed by them.
by srizah October 14, 2011
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A person who is used to say sorry profusely for trifling mistakes all the while trying to retain her place in your good books.
Having missed to send the invite to me, Raj, being such a sorry sobber was in his most apologetic mood during lunch.
by srizah September 27, 2011
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