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The currency of Bulgaria. It's divided in 100 "stotinki". Lev also means lion in archaic Bulgarian
One euro is equal to 1.95 leva
by squax bmock August 7, 2007
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1st meaning: Vasil Ivanov Kunchev, known as Vasil Levski - the Apostle of Liberty is a national Bulgarian idol and revolutionist.
2nd meaning: Levski Sofia, founded 1914 is the most popular Bulgarian football club. Being Bulgaria's top football team Levski won 25 champion titles and 26 national cups (a Bulgarian record), three Cup Winners' Cup quarter-finals and two UEFA Cup quarter-finals. In addition, Levski are the only team to have played in every single season of Bulgarian football's top division, as well as the only team to have a positive balance against every other club in the country. In 2006, they became the first Bulgarian club to reach the group stage of the UEFA Champions League.
Vasil Levski: "If I win - I win for all the people, if I loose - I loose myself only!"
Levski FC's fans: "Beat the broth on the head! Beat, beat, beat!"
by squax bmock August 7, 2007
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