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The provincial capital of Asturias, in northern Spain. Population is around 230,000 and it is full of beautifully manicured parks, streets, and nice/historic architecture, including a few pre-romanesque gems. There are lots of tourists and students and the Asturians here dress reeeeal fancy. They wear fur coats the first cold day of the year.
Let's go to Oviedo and get pissed on sidra. Then we can eat fabada and listen to bagpipers.
by spoonistoobig March 10, 2011
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When one smokes a large quantity of weed, and then eats far too much food, causing an upset stomach and bloating the next morning.
Eating that pepperoni pizza cheesecake was a bad idea. I have such a weed hangover.
by SpoonIsTooBig February 23, 2012
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