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The involuntary spraying of saliva while yawning. Much like the venom spray from a cobra. In most cases the yawner doesn't realized it has happened only finding the aftermath once the yawn is over.
I just cobra yawned all over my keyboard five minutes prior to writing this definition.
by spektralx May 12, 2009
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A time tested technique used to trick people into revealing that they are gay. It was famously used on Oscar Wilde into revealing that he was in fact a homosexual.
Rob: Hey did you see that tv show "Gaylords Say No"?

Scott: No.

Rob: Ah ha!!!

Judge: Mr Wilde did you read that book "Gaylords Say No"?

Oscar Wilde: No.

Judge: Take him away!!!!
by spektralx November 21, 2008
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An inept idiot prone to falling over. One who screws up constantly.
This isn't what I wanted, you tumble fuck!

Look what's rolling down the mountain........ a couple of tumble fucks.

Don't give that to tumble fuck, he'll just fuck it all up.
by spektralx November 21, 2008
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The complete antithesis of the internet. Geo blocking is the blocking of websites, video, etc. based on your location in the world. Thus this defeats the entire global village scenario, where we were all supposed to be able to view and/or share all content in the internet with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Proxy browsing can sometimes remedy this situation, but it doesn't always work properly.
I just clicked on a Digg link to Comedy Central only to find that since I live outside of the U.S. I can't view it, whoopity do!

Geo Blocking is just another lame ass corporate attempt to constrict and control the internet.
by spektralx June 09, 2009
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A deal (usually offered by a cable company, or a big box store) that initially may seem beneficial to the buyer, but on further examination, it is realized that the deal really only benefits the seller and the buyer gains nothing.
The most blatant example is a cellphone company offering a brand new cellphone at no price and then price gouging you for months and years to come for the service.

A classic Best Buy/Future Shop Faux-Deal is attempting to offer you an extended warranty for free instead of lower the price of the actual big ticket item in question. Because chances are you won't need the warranty, and you'll walk away paying full price for the item thinking you are a savvy buyer.

A classic internet provider trick will be offering the modem for free when you sign up for their service. Well no effing duh, without the modem there's no way you can get their over-rated price gouging internet connection.
by spektralX May 05, 2009
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