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Toothpaste is a game when two or more people go into separate rooms and masturbate. Who ever cums first shouts "toothpaste" and wins the game.

You can also text your friends to let them know that wherever they are, whatever they are doing. You were winning at toothpaste.
"John just sent me a text."

"What does it say?"


by sovereigncookies October 28, 2011
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when a group of women live together or spend a lot of time together their monthly cycles tend to sync up.


when another woman on her period causes you to start your period early

(since women's cycles are often linked with the moon, it's not hard to make the leap from women's time of the month to werewolves and their monthly change)
I would have gone home with him, but my roommate "she wolfed" me and I couldn't.
by sovereigncookies July 14, 2011
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