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an insult wich originates from barry in south wales u.k which is used as an alternative to, fag, queer, faggot, bumlover, poo pirate, fudge packer and so on
1st man: whys that guy looking at me like that?

2nd man: 'cos hes a cockbanger, didnt you know?
by southwalessniper December 06, 2009

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bunjee jumping without a cord
one of many suicide sports, free-bunjee is a sport not limited to those of an athletic nature, anybody can partake in the activity of free-bunjee, it requires very little skill and is growing in popularity worldwide.
by southwalessniper December 05, 2009

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welsh derogatory term for a persons mother meant as an insult which usually follows a question.
1st man: wosapnin bruv

2nd man: your muvva, thats wosapnin innit bruv!
by southwalessniper November 24, 2009

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another of many suicide sports, free-base jumping or free-base for short is similar to free-bunjee only the competitors are required to forget their parachutes, the person who hits most obstacles on the way down wins, simples!
Brian Lee Schubert of Alta Loma, Calif., 66, whose parachute failed to deploy, falls to his death in the New River during the Bridge Day base jumping event at the New River Gorge on Saturday, Oct. 21, 2006, in Fayetteville, even though he was wearing a parachute it failed to deploy and technically this counts as a free-jump, minus points for remembering your parachute, plus points for shock value, plus points for unpredictability, minus points for avoiding obstacles on the way down! free-base points 8.5!
by southwalessniper December 05, 2009

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