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bunjee jumping without a cord
one of many suicide sports, free-bunjee is a sport not limited to those of an athletic nature, anybody can partake in the activity of free-bunjee, it requires very little skill and is growing in popularity worldwide.
by southwalessniper December 5, 2009
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"you see that guy cross the motorway without looking?"

"what a bertie bellend"
by southwalessniper July 4, 2012
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a person who has been taking amphetamine to long, resulting in a rough and toothless appearance
1st man: whats up with him?

2nd man: hes been on 7 grams a day for 10 years, hes got a proper base-face innit!
by southwalessniper December 14, 2009
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an insult wich originates from barry in south wales u.k which is used as an alternative to, fag, queer, faggot, bumlover, poo pirate, fudge packer and so on
1st man: whys that guy looking at me like that?

2nd man: 'cos hes a cockbanger, didnt you know?
by southwalessniper December 6, 2009
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