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kinda fake though everyone seems to love him. doesnt know where the fuck his feelings are so decides to make girls feel special by asking them to go to the mall only to tell them that it wasn’t a date
1) my friend: brian k lee just asked me out!
me: dude don't go out with him i heard hes a brian lee
my friend: oof that was a close one, thanks for saving me from months of emotional trauma

2) brian k lee: do u wanna go to the mall w me
me: ok!
** two weeks later**
me: dude do you even like me
brian k lee: huh
me: you literally asked me out on a date
brian k lee: tbh i dont even like you anymore
by donutlover505 December 02, 2018
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He is the hottest Asian guy I have ever laid my virgin eyes upon. I would instantly go gay for this lovely male.
Brian Lee suck me off
by Brian Lee 69 May 08, 2018
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