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The word Protestant originated at the 1529 Diet of Speyer, when the Lutheran Princes issued a "PROTESTATIO" i.e. a 'declaration' of their principles. They became the people of the declaration.

The word Protestant has had a number of interpretations over time, as the reformation itself evolved.

For instance some now would not class Luther as Protestant because he never denied the mass.

Esssentially the RC Church preaches that salvation is only for those who adhere totally to their teachings and doctrines, they interpret the Bible and RC's have to accept their word.

The Protestant Reformation taught that everybody has the right to read and interpret the Bible for themselves. When people began to study Scripture they saw that doctrines such as The Papacy, The Sacerdotal Priesthood, Transubstantiation, The Mass, The Immaculate Conception, Indulgences, Confessions, Holy Water, Rosary Beads, etc., etc., were all totally irrelevant to the simple Scriptural principle of Justification by Faith.
As a Protestant I reject the unscriptural doctrines and practices of the Church of Rome.
by soundprod April 09, 2016

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the other 13 entries are embarrassingly inaccurate.
protestant means to protest the truth of holy scripture, and to reject all doctrines not based on the teachings of the bible (gods word revealed to man).
puritans were people who wanted to ''purify'' the church of 'popish' doctrines. henry V111 although he had a dispute with the pope was never a protestant. luther was a reformer of the papacy but he never denied the mass and ergo was never 100% protestant.
protestants reject doctrines such as the papacy, the priesthood, the 'petrine' (rock) theory, mary worship, wafer worship (the mass/transubstantiation), genuflection, crucifixes, candles, scapulars, holy water, indulgences, purgatory, etc. etc. because they are inventions of man and are not based on the bible.
by soundprod August 29, 2006

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the only people entitled to call themselves catholics are protestants, because we believe in the universal priesthood of all believers.
the correct terms for roman catholics are either romanist or papist, because they are members of the roman church and worshippers of the papacy.
i protest the truth of holy scripture, and the true catholic, universal, spiritual church of all believers.
by soundprod August 29, 2006

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