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When a girl is sitting down to piss and a dude stands in front of her and also pisses. While he is peeing his piss stream merges into her piss stream creating a "dual fountain" aka a downtain.
The line to the men's room was ridiculous so I went into the girls bathroom and made a downtain with this drunk chick!
by sorryimnotsorry June 22, 2011
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Commonly used Canadian phase, born out of the excessive usage of "sorry", this statement allows the user to conform with the sintax of apology, but indicate that he is, in fact, not sorry.

Often used in situations where an undue amount of judgement or prejudice is being applied. A simple, direct way to tell the person their feelings/thoughts/opinions aren't changing your mind and you will not apologize.
Sally: "is that wine? Are you drinking while pregnant!?!"

Jane: "it is wine and it is my choice, Sorry I'm Not Sorry."
by Sorryimnotsorry September 22, 2013
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