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Is the main character of the possibly best TV show ever - Gilmore Girls.

She grew up in Star's Hollow where her mom raised her alone though she was only 16 when she got Rory.

Rory is a smart-ass and got accepted by almost every school after graduating from Chilton Private School.
With the help of her grandparents with whom she - contrary to her mom- has a good relationship she was able to afford her matriculation at Yale.

She became a journalist and at the end of the show she joined Barack Obama's voting campaign across America.
Welcome to the best show ever featuring Rory Gilmore!
by sophiefollowsrivers February 15, 2013

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Carneval is a time in February during which Germans go crazy and dress up as the weirdest person/thing/animal,
e.g. as a garbage bag.

No one really knows anymore why someone started that custom but it has certainly been an important tradition for many years.

The most important places you have to visit during the three days (Rosenmontag to Aschermittwoch) are Cologne, Düsseldorf and probably the whole region in the West of Germany.

Many people who participate in carneval for the first time are either scared by these insane Germans or come to the conclusion that the only way to survive it - withouth a trauma - is to get drunk.
During carneval people dress up as telephone booths, living bananas, hippies, robots, Jack Sparrow, pumpkins, pensioners, flags.
by sophiefollowsrivers February 13, 2013

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