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The place where I am proud to say, my very first ancestors came from. I am proud to say that my acient history is Portuguese. I first came from Portugal a long time ago. I am proud to be Portuguese! If you are Irish or Scottish, you are Ibeaian. That is why I am Portuguese. If you are Irish or Scottish, you are either Spanish, or Portuguese, or even both! So, I am going to say this to all of the Irish and Scottish people. Listen now. You are special people. you all came from Portugal and Spain and you should be proud! You are all Portuguese. And Spanish, of course. I am proud to have originated in Portugal.
Hi, I am Irish. Wow, thats cool! Did you know that that would make you Portuguese? Cool, huh! Btw, I am not making this up. I saw this on Wikipedia, and the Washington post. All the Irish and the Scotts are from Portugal. Or Spain.
by someguywhoplaysbytherules May 20, 2007

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the irish wear green all the time and drink beer for a living. FALSE! they celebrate in church for st.patricks day. they do a parade. there are no leplorcons. they ussaly have blue eyes and dark hair. they have a history of being prejudged by the english. but, they share hisory in a way. ALL of the irish came from the iberian peninslua. so, if youre irish, youre either portuguese or spanish, OR maybe even both! i am irish and i am proud to have oroginated in portugal and spain.
i am irish and i think that they are just people. they are not all white. i know a couple of black folks who are irish. but MOST are white. not all. i am not saying that we are the coolest people ever. we are just people. saying that is totally not nessesary.
by someguywhoplaysbytherules May 19, 2007

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