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Like any age group, theres some good and some bad. They are a diverse group of people, affected mostly by their 3 enviornments (school, social, home) and their everchanging emotional state will determine how they are in those enviroments. Many elders look on this group as nothing but a bunch of "smokin, drinkin, lazy, noisy good for nothin' punks who have sex and do whatever the fuck they want" though really it just depends on the individual. Im gonna be 17 at the end of this comin' august, and i will admit that i do smoke and drink at times, but its not all the time, and it doesnt make me a bad person cuz i dont go doin anything to anyone else. I just wanna live. There are teens who are understood and theres ones who are misunderstood, yet there a lotta adults who say "all teens just think theyre misunderstood and ignored, but we know whats right for them" and that pisses me off the way those adults think they can speak out for us like that. I think it would help if the stereotypes about our age group lightened up.
Two elderly folks on a bench watching a group of 3 teens walk by:
Elderly1:Look at those good for nothing punks walk by, theyre always up to no good i tells ya!
Elderly2:What? Theyre just walking and talking
Elderly1:But look at how theyre trying to look all innocent yet theyre grouped up in their clan walkin and talkin about something, probably some scandal or something dirty
Elderly 2:Oh yeah, and look at how theyre smiling, that smug grin will be wiped off when the cops catch them!
Teenagers talkin amongst themselves: So, ya wanna go see a movie or play some football in the alley?
Teen1:Well first lets get outta here
Teen1:See them elderly folks over there givin us the evil eye?
Teen2:Yeah, why? Were just walkin and talkin!
Teen3:Damn, ones whippin out his cane, run!
Elderly1(with cane):Look at those troublemakers run, they know we dont want their trouble here
Elderly2:They aint afraid of the cops but theyre afraid of a whippin, he he!
Teen1:Theyre still givin us a look from a distance, what did we do?
Teen2:Were teenagers, of course those folks would snap
Teen3:But if we werent to go out and about like this, then our parents would get on our case on sittin around the house, thats why they think were all lazy, though its just some of us
Teen1:I guess were safe nowhere, though were the ones viewed as a threat to society
Teens:Lets just go home now
by some teen dude June 13, 2006
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Yep, as what the other definitions said, but in additon, did u know by 2007 theyre gonna make a requirement for all tv watchers to switch to HD so its easier for them to control the airwaves? Luckily my dad got an HDTV cuz theres a good picture, but thats all an HDTV should be bought for, and nobody should be rushed to save up for one just so our fuck ass government can controll whats viewd on it! I think besides the control and censorshit, theyre also tryin' to haul in money for the major electronic comanies such as Sony, Samsung, etc. hoping to real in some of their profits. Idea sure sounds crazy but is it really that far fetched these days? I dont think so
no need for an example of the FCC here, as you will find the examples already showing their ugly face in real life no matter where you go!
by some teen dude July 14, 2006
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A wet bag of Cheetos found in the woods, if there was no rain recently in the area, the bag was likely pissed on by some animal, and since pee rhimes with chee, peetos is a perfect term for such a thing. The term came from the episode of That 70s Show where the gang was on the water tower spotting for Donna's engagement ring and Fez found a bag of Cheetos and handed it to Eric and found out they were wet, and Fez mentioned a bear must have pissed on it, then out came "eww Peetos!". I cant remember exactly how that part went as i only seen that episode once when it was new, but ill always remember Peetos.
Some dudes camping in the woods looking for fire wood:

Dude1:Hey man youre hungry? I found a bag of Cheetos here
Dude2:Awesome man (grabs then and shoves on in his mouth, then suddenly spits it out), yuck dude these are wet!
Dude3:They must have been pissed on by some animal
Dude1:(freaks out chucking the bag and falls over)Hey can i get a hand back up?
Dude1:Hell no, u touched peetos!
Dude3:Hah! U put a fuckin' peeto in your mouth too!
Dude2:(turns pale and spits up over some good fire wood)
Dude1:Hey, we could have used that wood!
Dude3:Lets leave that poor peeto eating bastard there to get eaten by whatever pissed on that bag
Dude1:Yeah man, wanna get crunked?
Dude3:Fuck yeah! Isnt that why we came here in the first place?
Dude1:Hopefully we wont get the munchies as badly as the peeto eater did
Dude3:Wait, how come he had the munchies that much more badly than we did already?
Dude1:Wait, wheres our stash?
Dudes1&3:Yeah hes definitley not worth helpin' out now, lets go back to town and mash in his basement, it better not be sketch
Dude2:(still lying in the dirt feelin, lookin, and smellin' like shit, and hes crying) Nature is a bitch!
by some teen dude July 11, 2006
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A round shaped stick of pleasure to smoke when walking home after a stressful day of school, a couple a day aint harmful but if the habit picks up it could lead to health problems. Camel lights have an awesome taste and smell with a decent buzz, vice versa for Newports. The buzz especially awesome after gettin high.
Also known as a square.
Also something that makes me not give a shit that im 18 yet, ill get one when i want one and smoke one when i get one!
As im walkin home from skool
A friend of mine:Hey whats up?
Me:Another shitty day at skool just ended
Friend:Sounds like you need a cigarette
Me:Got one?
Friend:Dont i always
Me:Got a lighter?
Friend:I got matches
Me:Good enough, let it light!
Friend:Here ya go
Me:Youre the best! I feel the buzz already, what kind is this?
Me:Wow you are the best, thats just the kind i needed!
And we both walk home with people drivin by givin' us looks as were goin on puffin smoke, but we dont give a shit cuz nothings a problem anymore as long as we got the buzz
by some teen dude June 13, 2006
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