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Producer most know for his songs, Long Time (Intro), Sky, Over, and Butterfly. Also does most of artist, Playboi Carti's merch and has done visuals for Playboi Carti's "Die Lit Tour".
Mike Hawk: Who Produced That Playboi Carti song Sky?
Hugh Jass: Artdealer did!
by sohfwastaken January 12, 2022
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When a person has the drug She said "What you eat this morning", bitch, I had X for breakfastX (ecstasy) for their first meal of the day. (X MAN, X MAN, X MAN)
She said "What you eat this morning", bitch, I had X for breakfast
I threw that bitch on a sandwich, no cheese, no lettuce
I ate that lil' bitch, she was super wet
I ain’t need no beverage
The way I fuck lil' shawty, she coming back for seconds
by sohfwastaken October 26, 2022
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minikloon is a game dev for hypixel and he never updates the game
have you heard or minikloon? yeah he's that dev for hypixel that never updates the game right? Yep!
by sohfwastaken November 7, 2020
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I stay with the gangsha, huh,, I got mob ties
by sohfwastaken October 17, 2023
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