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Netflix’s new docuseries “Break Point,” which was released two days before first-round matches at the Australian Open, profiles the next generation of champion tennis players.

The “Netflix Curse” theory tries to make sense of the fact that NONE of the show's players, who have all featured in the world's top 10 at some point in their careers, have made it to the quarterfinals.
The Netflix Curse got my favorite player Maria Sakkari…who am I going to root for at the Australian Open now??
by softfooddiet January 23, 2023
A middler is made to sit at the middle of the table.

The middler is the designated person who you invite to the party that knows how to carry the conversation and keep it interesting. Every dinner party and gathering with a varied group of friends (especially if new people are introduced) needs a talented middler.

Coined by Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm.
The reason this dinner isn’t going well is because the wrong people are in the middle. Andrew and Caitlin can’t handle being there and just don’t have the right personality for it. They’re horrible middlers and can’t keep the convo interesting.
by softfooddiet January 5, 2023