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From a song from Jonathan Coulton, talking about a party. A town crotch is a person thats "good to go at anytime". Ready to have sex at anytime.

See also: town bicycle
(sees a slutty chick) Guy1: "Heey bob, there goes the town crotch!" Bob: "Hey now, thats my sister!"

girl1: "this is like the 6th girl he has went out with this week."
girl2: "sounds like we have a new town crotch"
by snakeeaterfan August 16, 2009

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A person on any social networking site that does not have a 'real' picture
person 1: "Dude why the hell did you a noface on your account? all the person has is a dog humping a cat!"

person 2: "oh thats my sisters account shes really lazy and never gets her ass up to take a damn picture and add it!!"
by snakeeaterfan July 10, 2008

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Short for Sand Nigger , usually a male or female of middle eastern descent i.e. India, Iraq, Saudi Arabia
Oh Ahram, you're such a Sandie, but you aight.
Yo, did you see those Sandies eyeing up my shoes?
by snakeeaterfan October 28, 2016

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2 definitions!!

1.Its a weird-ass educational game made by synergistic labs (i had to play it in 10th grade!)
2. the sound a big turd makes when it hits the water
1. dude1:dude....damn..... we gotta play bloop again
dude2:aww damn u serious?? its fuckin' retarded!

2: Bill:hey man did u here Phill bloop when he was taking a shit in the bathroom during lunch period?
other guy: dude thats sick....was it loud?
by snakeeaterfan July 11, 2008

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