12 definitions by smektala ahmed

when a woman has good boobs.
Wow, that woman has good boobs, so I class that as Nefertitties.
by smektala ahmed June 23, 2011
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A person who completely abstains from falling in love.
Why do you hate falling in love??!! You're such a love totaler!!
by smektala ahmed April 29, 2011
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lower demand=cheaper, higher demand=pricier, another bullshit excuse to get ripped off by the market. The US Economy is run by motherfucking retards.
Supply and Demand is why things nowadays cost too damn much.
by smektala ahmed May 31, 2015
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A combination of a moron, wimp and an idiot.
Quit being a prinklepuss!!!
by smektala ahmed February 2, 2011
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when you're looking for a job online and it actually turns out to be a scam.
don't get jobfished.
by smektala ahmed October 18, 2016
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Nonsense, bullshit, a lie, deception.
that's horsecrap!

what a horsecrap excuse!
by smektala ahmed October 10, 2010
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