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The freshest girl you will ever see. She is super adorable, charismatic, and bubbly, and quite stubborn. She is an amazing friend to have, and is extremely academically driven. She is very loyal to all her closest friends, and has a great sense of humor. She seems to be conscientious about awkward moments in her life (that are not awkward at all!) Can also be used as a verb, to be a bubbly and charismatic person who constantly worries about being awkward.

Girl 1: Did you see that amazing girl over there, cheerful and laughing with her friends?
Guy 1: Damn, she is fine. She must be an Isheeta!

Girl 1: Honey, you have such an amazing life. Everything's totally normal and exciting and positive.
Girl 2: Yeah, but everything is just so awkward!

Girl 1: Girl, don't Isheeta and stay positive about how normal your life is.
by sleeplessInSeattle November 19, 2012
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When someone, some thing, or some place offends you enough or is so poor by comparison to another such person, thing or place that the most logical reciprocation, sometimes ironically, is to smash the door with a blunt, heavy, nearby projectile such as a mason's brick, creating an inconvenience (and, if the door was glass, a safety hazard) such that the interested parties are coerced into correcting said problem.
My Aunt's eggs and grits are so good that it makes you want to drive by IHOP and throw a brick at the door.
by SleeplessInSeattle October 22, 2013
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A look someone gets when you say or do something unexpected, such as actually shooting someone's dog or, more commonly, when someone you are speaking to is culture shocked.
I asked the waitress behind the counter for some Chinese mustard, and she looked at me like I just shot her dog.
by SleeplessInSeattle October 22, 2013
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