2 definitions by slackersink

5 finger sex. In other words masturbation. A long standing numbers joke, as fornicate sounds like it has the number 4 in it.
I don't have any plans, so I think I'm just going to stay at home and fivenicate all night.
by slackersink February 6, 2017
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The definition of "Get you a girl that can do both." A beauty with a brain that is also fun to hang with!

The Emilylynne has very specific features:
An hourglass figure
The mating call: hork hork hork
Liquid Silk
Playing GTA V and kicking your ass!
Seriously, a lot of booty.

Additional features include being forever encouraging, kind, and always outgoing.

She is also a very important business woman in this community.
That girl is so bae like an Emilylynne!

You may have curves, but you're not an Emilylynne!
by slackersink November 22, 2017
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