24 definitions by skrilla

Small ammount of marijuana

see "sack"
Did John ever pickup a bag last night?
by skrilla February 15, 2003
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giving your all in a certain situation, being courageous
You should've seen me out there, I started to choke but then I went totally balls out.
by skrilla June 17, 2003
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Someone , something that is very burly, hard to defeat, something that is difficult, anything that is intense
God man the end boss on Tekken 4 is a total notch! or Man I finally finished my math test, ....its was a total notch!
by skrilla June 17, 2003
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used to describe a goofy looking or strangley featured person
Hey did you see that guy? He was probbably the gordiest looking dude in the universe.
by skrilla June 17, 2003
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