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polyfarious bonerage.
Whilst travelling abroad, the young man, enamoured of the exotic ladies of foreign lands, and stricken with that fervour of lust which does so often come upon the expatriot, was oft to sport anyrection.

"Is that an erection in your pants for me or is it anyrection?"
by skeptical hippo April 21, 2010

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The state of having screwed yourself in the ass.
I was enjoying regular bowel movements, but then I started fillling up with carrots instead of eating bran cupcakes in the morning, and it was a real case of exacerbation.

Why can't Priscilla sit down?
He's all exacerbated.
by skeptical hippo July 17, 2010

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Where fags become butts.
That ash hole could really use a cleaning.
by skeptical hippo April 19, 2010

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