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A Gomad in X is just a monoid in the category of endofunctors of X, with product × replaced by composition of endofunctors and unit set by the identity endofunctor ... in the language of Golang.
I love the implicit declaration of Gomad's in my Go module.
by skeletor_is_not_me September 22, 2022
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Traffic violations.
Surprise taxes are the worst kind of tax, as they have an official bribery structure where you can pay an attorney to pay the local district attorney. Also, if you don't use the official bribery structure your insurance increases, which is arguably better than dealing with the IRS with normal taxes.
I budget about $200 a year for surprise taxes. This morning I had to pay out some. Enforcement has gone up since the red light camera surprise tax revenue dried up after being ruled unconstitutional.
by skeletor_is_not_me June 27, 2014
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A telecommunications company in St. Louis, that employs the coolest people west of the mississippi, and has absolutely raucous holiday parties.
Dude! Metropark just hooked me up with a v3000!
by skeletor_is_not_me June 18, 2008
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