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Putting people in a laundry basket and riding down a flight of stairs.
"man i don't have enough money today so i'm going to take a ride on the ghetto roller coaster."
by sirswimsalot July 10, 2009
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Rinsing off the dishes and then putting them at the bottom of the clean ones.
if you are in a hurry to go someone and you have a bunch of dirty dishes, ghetto dish washing would be the answer.
by sirswimsalot July 11, 2009
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When an event or particular point in time was so magical that the word wizard gets misspelled in the excitement.
"Dude that night was so wizrad that I may be a new man now!"
by SirSwimsalot November 03, 2013
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its the sound of someone's gay-dar going off. use it when someone says something very homosexual.
dude 1: woah, that guy could do a lot of things
dude 2: gargargar. that was so gay.
by sirswimsalot August 28, 2009
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A bitchy little girl who's got the biggest attitude. A best friend of a Namtar.
Don't mess with Namtar cause Manrat will come get ya.
by sirswimsalot August 29, 2009
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