3 definitions by sileightymania

An expression used to wish bodily injury on a person for acting like a jerk. WARNING: May also cause psychological harm as well. Also interchangeable with the phrase fall on some dicks
Dang it, Logan is calling me a has-been again!! I hope it rains dicks on him!!
by sileightymania November 3, 2008
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An expression of dislike or extreme dislike for another person.

This expression originated from audience reaction of an episode of Bizarre Foods where Andrew Zimmern is repulsed by the some Hawaiian cuisine, specifically Spam musubi and poi.
Andrew Zimmern thinks that spam musubi is repulsive? He can choke on a dick musubi!
by sileightymania January 12, 2010
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A word used to describe a woman's sexual arousal for another woman.

The term is derived from the word boner, however it is unlike a boner in that it does not physically exist.
Patricia has a mean lesboner for Giada and wants to have her lesbabies!
by sileightymania April 5, 2010
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