3 definitions by shigthenewt

The group of people that are so into their looking good that they go out of their way to sculpt every facet of thier image. They are usually the ones who go to the most expensive clubs and restaurants, and rarely are seen doing anything that can affect their image negatively. This term may also apply to people with excessive plastic surgery, generally fake people or those with a lack of personality (Just a pretty face).
Man, I will never go to that club... it's full of plastic people
by shigthenewt August 17, 2006
Hawaiian word for mutual assistance or pitching in. Also may be used to describe general assistance, help.
We need your kokua. Please don't litter.
Someone broke into my friend's van last night and stole his expensive guitar, please everyone kokua!
by shigthenewt November 19, 2009
She was so excited there was twatvomit running down her legs!
by shigthenewt September 16, 2008