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I shot up with some juice today
by Shell February 05, 2003
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One is thrown under the bus when they are made the scapegoat or blamed for something that wasn't their responsibility in the first place. A coverup for your mistake.
Ruby Red, I didn't have time to do the business report, so I threw you under the bus and told the boss it was your job instead.
by Shell April 05, 2005
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Stian Thoresen from Dimmu Borgir.
A really hot person
by Shell November 15, 2003
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really really high
We smoked so much weed that we got blasted!
by Shell October 09, 2002
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Julian Casablancas, he is, as the song suggests, 'hard to explain'! He smokes, he drinks and has the talent, the voice and the sexuality of Jim Morrison of The Doors! I damnify all whom have met him because it just isn't fair! The Strokes should come back to Australia now or I shall submit to the woe of pop music! uh, okay not really but they have to come back!!!
Hard to explain - he can steal my innocence any day
by shell April 20, 2004
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Achieving high ranking in the search engine results for a targeted keyword or phrase
Our site wasn't showing up in the search engines for the phrase "urban dictionary" until we got ranked and ranked hard!
by Shell April 05, 2005
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FINE ASS ROBOT who rocks out every night in Finch
Randor 2000
I'm fuckin' R2k, NUCKA!
by Shell October 09, 2003
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