2 definitions by sharpcheduh

1. The act of Farting on a Q-tip, and examining it for poop
2. Putting a Q-Tip half way up your butt, and then then farting it out into your girl friends orafaces
1. Sheryls Q-tip farts told her that she needs more fiber in her diet.
2. Dear Diary, my girl and I tried Q-tip farts, and she farted it in mine, haven't seen it in 3 days...
by sharpcheduh July 4, 2014
A mangificently majestic creature, that posses the reedemimg qualities of snaghletoothned velociraptor, and is regaled in excellence.
Not yet classified as felis catus, for only one has ever known to exist, the puters has yet to be classified.
by sharpcheduh May 31, 2015