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When you try to have a poop and it only pops its nose out before retreating back inside.
Dude, you were in the bathroom for ages!

Yeah, I was struggling with a Peking Tortoise.
by shane_r April 10, 2009

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When you've been in so many meetings in one day, your ass feels like it's ready to fall off.
Man, I can barely walk from this meeting ass!
by shane_r February 26, 2009

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Not smart enough to be considered 'clever' yet not sufficiently stupid enough to be catagorised as a moron.
Did you see that guy struggling with your question? He's definately Mentally Midtable.
by shane_r February 27, 2009

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A combination of the words Bell and End as in 'what a total bellend'. Reference the bell-shaped end of a penis.

Used when the target is such a bellend, you can't even be bothered to use all the letters to proclaim it.
'I can't believe he waited until the day before the holidays to assign that essay! What a complete Blend.'
by shane_r February 13, 2009

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A combination of stoned and drunk popularised by those drug-takers that use alcohol to level off their buzz.
Man, I was totally stunk last night!
by shane_r February 26, 2009

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