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A rather large male sexual organ the namley the Penis, which resembles a riot batton used to quell civil disturbances.
Have you seen the facking Beef Baton on Big Joe! it could be used to stop a small country's uprising!!
Have you seen Big Joes Beef Baton, you could mug cunts whit that!
by shaftshagnasty December 24, 2007

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an occurance, usually when wanking an unwanked penis resulting in the discharged semen travilling a longer distance than usual, occasionally hitting the firer in their own face.
"had my first wank in a week today and i fired a large caliber spunk bullet, near took my head off!
by shaftshagnasty July 13, 2008

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a Belfast Terminoligy - akin to Fuck, but used in the phrase or as commonly locally spelt(FRASE) FAAK
"Faak aff ya we bollox"

or and also, "I'll Knack Yur Faak in ya Cant Ye!"

can also be used in the plural sense of the meaning " yu's are a pack of Fakker's and i will Fakk ya's all, ye cont's ye's!"
by shaftshagnasty November 15, 2006

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Small male genitalia, resulting in a penis that resmbles a rivet when erect.
saw penfolds cock last night he only has a rivet cock,have seen a bigger walt on a mouse
by shaftshagnasty July 13, 2008

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the anal cavity or arse
i had a good shag last night shelet me blow my spuds up he/his spunk funnel.
by shaftshagnasty July 13, 2008

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The strong oudour emmited from a vagina, which is unhealthy, which can be detected from a distance
" was about to shag this slapper last night but when she took off her knickers fuck me mate i thought i was at the harbour, whole room smelt like a Crab pot"
by shaftshagnasty July 14, 2008

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