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The feeling one has when one is in a particularly bad mood about wither nothing or something. It doesn't matter. You are feeling borderline homicidal. Ideas of stabbing things to relieve the seething anger come to mind.. Then you get distrated or blog about it and it goes away.
I was cut off many times today on my way to work, then I spilled coffee on my white shirt. It would be a bad idea to piss me off today because I am feeling stabby right now.
by sean liddle May 26, 2006

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An old grizzled woman that insists on showing as much leathery tanned skin as she can, in the hopes that she is still attractive.
No,lets not go to the pool, there are a bunch of drunk ginasaurs hanging around and I'll lose my lunch.
by sean liddle May 13, 2006

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The disorder where you fall asleep within 30 minutes of a seminar, training session, presentation or conference. It is brought about by the inane user friendly rambling that presenters use to drag our what should be an informative yet short production into a day long affair of crappy powerpoint, moronic group activities and useless handout.
Sorry, could you send me the paper copy of the presentation. I cannot attend as I have Seminarcolepsy.
by sean liddle May 14, 2006

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