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of ancient greek origin... comes from the term "maybe" and has changed as people have gotten lazy.
"Hey, you wanna go out for pizza after practice?"

"Eh.... Meh-Beh"
by sean degenerate September 29, 2007
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A. An individual who believes in counter cultural ideologies, such as anarchy, tribalism, or socialism.

B. Any miscreant individual who seems degenerate to polite society

C. An individual who listens to punk rock, and the subforms of punk rock music. Subforms include: Oi!, Grindcore, folkpunk, crust punk, and pop punk. Pop punk does not necessarily mean sellouts like Blink-182 or Good Charlotte, but bands that have a more mainstream sound while maintaining punk ideals.

D. A slow burning fuse.
A. Jello Biafra is a true punk!

B. Mr. Bungle is a punk, he did not wash his hands, unlike Phil and the other boys.

C. Eric listens to The Casualties, Dead Milkmen, Fugs, and Discharge, he loves his punk rock!

D. Light your sparklers off this punk, golly!
by sean degenerate May 16, 2007
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1. a joke used in more western religions
god is really watching you
by sean degenerate May 16, 2007
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