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A person of Mexican ancestry.

There are two types of Mexicans;

The Brown Ones (Beaners): Looked down upon by middle or upper-class white mexicans in Mexico, these usually end up moving to the United States because they are rejected by society in Mexico often being called a dirty native.

The White Mexicans: Mexicans with light skin and light eyes often live in the middle or upper class suburbs segregated from the natives who live in the slums in shacks. These usually stay in Mexico.
Me and my sister in a mall in Mexico:

Me: "Do you see those brown mexicans behind us?"
Sister: "Yeah, maybe they want to carry our bags..."
Me:"...or steal from us"
Sister:"You are sooo mean, we should just be greatful."
by sdge July 29, 2007

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Mexico's biggest 'IT Girl', socialite, and actress at the moment, she is currently in a pop band 'RBD' and on their show RBD:La Familia. She is way hot and worked hard to get to where she is.
Anahi is really sexy even though people call her a talent-less slut attention whore that looks like a Barbie Doll.
by sdge July 29, 2007

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1. Orgasm in a bottle.
2. Explosion of deliciousness.
When I go to Albertson's I buy 20 dollars worth of Vitamin Water-Energy because it's CRAZY DELICIOUS!
by sdge July 29, 2007

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