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adverb meaning that that person dressed very well. sharp as a tack some might say
for the party Scribs dressed very spifily.
by scribbles-maggibbles January 24, 2009
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an adjective commonly used to discribe a person , more specificly, a suicidal girl/ girlfriend. can also b used as a name
have you met Suicidy?


you know, my new girlfriend who is kinda suicidy.

Oh yeah. Huh...... didnt she try to off herself like 2 days ago?
by scribbles-maggibbles January 24, 2009
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a metalic excessory or utencil put on the from of a car (usualy a MERU) used to ram shit really hard. the literal translation is DONKEY KILLER
man i was so drunk yesterday that i crashed my car.


no, i had my mataburro, i killed a donkey though.
by scribbles-maggibbles January 24, 2009
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a sexual act where a man or woman snorts a line of coke off of an erect penis and then proceeds to deep throat it or give head.
Jenny did a line of blow yesterday and as a result she had no coke left...but her boyfriend was happy he got his dick sucked.
by scribbles-maggibbles January 24, 2011
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the protagonist ( representing death ) in the novel and 1993 animated movie "THE HALLOWEEN TREE". The movie dipicts said character as having a greenish yellow color and knowing all sorts of facts about past Halloweens and death rituals. plus, he has magical powers
The children learned loads from the magical trip with Mr. Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud.
by scribbles-maggibbles October 18, 2008
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the nickname that one can give to ones own penis. advise and written on AF underwear.
i was so stressed when i came home that i had to drain Mr. Wiggles of all his juice.
by scribbles-maggibbles October 18, 2008
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When a woman puts tooth paste on a man's dick and brushes it with a toothbrush. After this she puts the penis in her mouth and the paste makes her look like she's foaming at the mouth, like if she had rabies.
My girlfriend uses mint toothpaste when she does the "rabies sausage"
by scribbles-maggibbles November 12, 2009
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