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The instantaneous removal of one's e-penis.
Person A: Did you see that level 43 guy get owned by that level 2 noob in Halo last night?
Person B: Yeah, talk about an e-penectomy.
Me: Fuck Halo, and fuck you for talking about it every 3 seconds.
by scottmale24 October 22, 2005

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Homosexual tendencies developed from being on internet forums too long. When used in real life, like pwned or lol, people tend to hate the person saying it.
Example 1: Proper Internet e-gay.
haxx0r-tim: sexnow
l33t_steve: lolk
haxx0r-tim: *sexes

Example 2: Improper Real-Life e-gay.
Tim: Hey steve, let's have sex.
Steve: What?
Tim: Lol, JK. I powned you.
Steve: ...
by scottmale24 October 14, 2005

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