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The point in time where a woman with a child becomes single or is single.
I can't believe she declared bangruptcy, at her age too!

Any white woman who sleeps with a man named Jack Ryan from Botswana.

see bangrupt
by scnoundral June 13, 2011
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A cautionary term used to describe a single woman with child.
"Yea shes cute, but she's got a kid man. She's bangrupt... You better bail!"

Likely instances that indicate the woman is bangrupt:


barista over the age of twenty one

waitress at an Irish pub

White girls living in Hawaii


Black girl smelling of babypowder

Lives in Huntington Beach, drives Camry circa 92-98

Knows the hottest happy hours in town

Has read the "Twilight" saga

see bangruptcy
by scnoundral June 13, 2011
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