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Sexually Transmitted Disease

See burned.
That slut gave me an STD
by scally hater October 31, 2003

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A complete loser, usually working class. Typically wears something like lacoste shellsuit top, baseball cap and trakkie b's tucked into his socks with tasteless sports classics (eg adidas). Usually by the time they are in their 20's even these idiots grow out of it, although in Liverpool there are people who never do. If they are dressing up on a fraadee nite they will put their Rockports on before catching the train to Chester to get wasted. Usually too worried about what their mates think of them to enjoy themselves, hence ruining the atmosphere whereever they go. Usually in crowds. The social hierarchy is not based on based on 'hardness', even though they aren't hard at all. If they have enough money they might also be found in Ibiza or Faleraki in the summer.

See townie, sub-class, dickhead
"British culchas fukkin grate inni"
by scally hater October 31, 2003

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weaverham scum that make your lives hell by being dicks in massive groups thinking their hard get one on their own and any one could twat shit outta them, no brains i mean take a look at the cars novas???!!!?? what the hell are they on apart from every drug going. take a look down keepers lane in weaverham
arrr mach lets go rob the old man at number 67 hes got fags yer lets go fuck year 9's even tho we av all left skool 3 years ago.
the lesser spotted scouser duck-- ahhhh look luk luk luk carrrrr stereo carrrrr stereo!!!
by scally hater March 10, 2004

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