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As ambiguous human sexuality has become in the 21st century, it is important to recognize that being a submissive is just as ambiguous. And that reality has serious implications when you add the need to find a Dominant to serve. Understanding the anatomy of what makes someone submissive is necessary in order to effectively present in the truest and most honest form possible. Because while it is so easy to just focus on fulfilling the fantasy, it is equally difficult to focus on what a Dominant deserves.
A true submissive serves from the heart, they don’t need an Owner driving them to do something, they do it willingly, gladly, eagerly.
by sbpr December 30, 2018

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The Black Sovereign Network abbreviated BSN The Black Sovereign Network is to build a true community.

The site is designed with mobile device access in mind so that it is easier to use on any platform. BSN encompasses various themes and is not intended to compete with other sites. Although the main theme is interracial BDSM, other themes are supported as well such fisting, travel hosting and webcam modeling. More themes will be introduced based on interest and need in the future. Please take a moment to review the following guide on how to use the site.

Currently, membership is free but some future groups and services may require a subscription or fee per use.
The Black Sovereign Network is free social network intended centralize, bring together an unify members of the interracial BDSM community.
by sbpr December 30, 2018

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