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all the days besides your birthday in a year, referred to in Alice in Wonderland also
by saxaphoner September 20, 2009

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Describes someone who can operate a computer with ease and is tech savvy, they never wonder about game systems and computers because they know about them
someone who is techinicological: What do you mean you need help to turn on a computer?!

person who isn't techinicological: I mean I'm not TECHINICOLOGICAL! I didn't even know that you had to have a freaking monitor with it.
by Saxaphoner September 22, 2009

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A group of nerdy and/or semi-nerdy friends who band together for protection. The group can change from 3 to 8 within seconds. Usually is made of up non-athletic kids who are just preppy enough to not be emo but don't care enough to be preppy. Their concerns are less materialistic and more silly.
Prep: Look at that loser Nerd Herd over there!

Emo: Dude... is that a Nerd Herd?

Nerd: Get out of the way! Nerd Herd coming through!
by saxaphoner September 18, 2009

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that place where you drift off to when someone is talking about a subject that bores, also can be known as spacing out, zoning, and just not paying attentiong
teacher: eh hem! I'm talking to you!

me: oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh.... sorry, I was in... la la land
by saxaphoner September 20, 2009

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