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Better than average kula-grown buds. also the name of a local candy bar.
Hey, I brought back a 40 sack of maui wowie from my vacation. I had to strap it to my nads to get it through airport security, so it my smell a bit nastier than usual.
by Sancho July 30, 2003

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Noun: Slutty crotch
Get off my boyfriend, you slotch (followed by punch)
by Sancho April 28, 2003

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Asian Redneck who breaks too easy.
Damn that orman sure knows how to stump break a cow.
by sancho February 01, 2005

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offspring sexually produced without any female intervention.

Having five manbabies makes you teh funney.
five golden manbabies!
I want to have your manbabies!
by Sancho March 16, 2003

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Sexual vacation

Fajar (to bone)+ vacaciones (vacation)
Fui de fajaciones en Acapulco con la vieja. I went on Fajaciones in Acapulco with the woman.
by Sancho October 14, 2004

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a womb, as in stomach aka uterus
yo dawg, i think home gurl missed her pill, and there's trouble in da womb
by Sancho December 18, 2003

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an absolute force consisting of a sancho and an omit. Usually found infecting eardrums. Websters definition is a ferret fucker!
me me me me me me
by Sancho June 11, 2004

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