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A shitty town in Massachusetts. The people constantly fill up the churches, newspapers, and stores of other towns such as Wilmington with their filthy selves. Most citizens grow up to be criminals or give birth before high school graduation and live in shitty houses in Tewksbury.

Since real estate is so high in Massachusetts, a 1 floor, 1 toilet, 4 wall house in Tewksbury costs at least 350k even though its not good enough for a homeless man.

If you ever get a blowjob from someone in Tewksbury, make sure to cum in their face and eyes and then slap and knee them repeatedly. But beware of STDs..you are bound to catch one from a Tewksbury resident.

Beware of thugs and wiggers too.
Joe: Wow, I wish a tornado would sweep through and kill everyone here.

Steve: Hey did you read the paper this morning?
Bob: No, its filled with all tewksbury news anyway.
Steve: I know, I couldn't even read about the big town fair next week since more than 5 kids in tewksbury graduated high school this year.

Harry: If there is ever a poison gas leak that infects the air, lets hope it hits tewksbury.
by sallyboy69 May 01, 2009
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In my humble opinion.

This is a saying used by pussies who try too hard not to offend anyone. It's as if they are afraid of someone disagreeing with them which is bound to happen. They fear any type of confrontation. Funny thing is that it can obviously only be used on the internet and who gives a shit if someone on the internet disagrees with you? PUSSIES and MORONS

No one says IMHO in real life. They are the types of people who are believers in "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!"

Also, IMHO looks absolutely retarded when written in lowercase.
Poon: The Beets are an untalented band,

Pussy: Also, IMHO looks absolutely retarded when written in lowercase, imho.

Outsider: Only bitches use "IMHO"
Bitch: That's just your opinion!
by Sallyboy69 September 19, 2010
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