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A realmobile is a four-wheeled (although, in some cases an eighteen-wheeled) vehicle that is operated and occupied by persons considered real. A realmobile is easily spotted, especially when driving past one on a highway or freeway, as every person in an observing vehicle will immediately come to their senses and be strongly attracted to the realmobile. Aside from this influence that a realmobile has on observers, are the physical characteristics of a realmobile. Generally, a realmobile is a low-set mercedes-benz, maserati, bentley, or any other high-value car. In many instances, abnormally large clouds of smoke may be expelled from a realmobile at any given time and usually occurs repeatedly, as if it were following the rhythm of a breath. Another common characteristic, is the lack of child-safety windows. Most often the windows will be completely rolled down, and passengers tend to keep one of their hands hanging outside their respectable window. To distinguish an authentic realmobile from a fake realmobile, one may look for a very expensive wristwatch on the hand of either a passenger or the operator of the vehicle, as the authentic realmobiles are generally operated and occupied by people with high wealth.
This is how you can visualize a realmobile.

Jim: "Dang, I'm glad you just bought this Nissan Altima. It's pretty comfortable!"

Tom: "Yeah dude, it's the shit!"

Jim: "... yeah. So, where did you take your chick last night?"

Tom: "Well, after she got back fro..."

*short silence occurs, and a black mercedes kompressor drives along side Jim and Tom, shaking the rear-view-mirror-ornament as it blares raw underground hiphop music*

Jim: "..."

Tom: "..."

*a couple minutes pass, as Tom and Jim enjoy a comfortable and peaceful silence driving through the city, taking in the sounds and smells of stores and restaraunts*

Jim: "You should have got a mercedes"

Tom: "Douchebag"
by saint nicco December 06, 2007

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(n) Your mind's eye.
(v) To look sharply at someone or something.
(n) My scope is so precise I can see your skin cells replicating.
(v) You caught me scoping your woman, now you can't contain your hate.
by saint nicco November 19, 2008

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