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The most intimate way for two people, usually two men, to ride a motorcycle at the same time. Allows for not only maximum enjoyment and thrill of riding a motorcycle, but also of whichever Twink you might be hung up on at the same time. Its really quite simple, the operator of the motorcycle rides the motorcycle like normal, but his passenger, who usually would ride behind him (allowing for a reach around and or light nipple play) rides in front of the driver, facing him. The possibilities that this opens up for further enjoyment of motorcycle riding are endless.
Jaun and I rode the motorcycle down to the beach last night, and we rode San Francisco Spider the whole way, you wouldn't believe hot it was frotting on the highway.
by saddestbro February 1, 2019
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When you are having anal sex with a large person, man or woman, and you realize that the condom you had on has mysteriously disappeared into said anus. You then have to lube your arm up with Maple Syrup and proceed to hunt down that rogue prophylactic hiding in that anus.
"Put on your Canadian moose hunter hat, there's a wild one"
by saddestbro April 1, 2021
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