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word means to name a unknown person, like : hey kwagga, come here (slang word in afrikaans, south african)
hey kwagga what are you doing?
by saboytjie October 12, 2017

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Dutch - south African.... ja-nee boet dis mooi, (agreeing to a point that has been made), its very contradictory in English can only expressed in Dutch Afrikaans...
ja-nee kyk, dis n mooi dag vir visvang, ja-nee ek stem saam!
by saboytjie December 02, 2017

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An Afrikaans (Official South African language), when you have had one too many. Can also mean that you are spent.
He was so poegaai last night that he woke up in the garden hugging a gnome.
After the race he was completely poegaai
by saboytjie November 10, 2017

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the cool way of saying absolutely... or the 2017 of saying absolutely...
Two guys are having a debate, the one guys says: "That guy is such a tjop" and in agreement the other says: "Absaloodles"
My friend asked if I like to surf, I replied "Absaloodles"
by saboytjie November 18, 2017

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