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From the southern region of the Midwest (see Southern Ohio, Northern Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania and the better part of West Virginia). Hilljacks have a penchant for sleeveless t-shirts, Blackfoot and Molly Hatchet and low-end regional beer. Family gatherings come in the form of cookouts and all of them culminate in drunken brawls and multiple arrests. Young hilljack chicks are usually very attractive but undergo a metamorphosis sometime after they have their third kid before the age of twenty.
The creeper driving by you in the old van with the twisted roof rack and the smell of weed and urine billowing from the passenger side window that is halfway down, crooked and off it's track. The van also sports a confederate flag plate holder and an uncovered snow tire on the back.
by sNoWmAnG May 07, 2004
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Toothy in appearance. A face filled with too many teeth.
A crocodile, Julia Roberts
by sNoWmAnG May 07, 2004
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The external component of the female reproductive system of a chicken. Also, a person who does not tip.
That guy just left $3.50 on a $100.00 check. What a chickencunt!
by sNoWmAnG January 07, 2005
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