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Excessive, funky smelling diaphoresis after consuming large amounts of specialty cheeses. Cheese sweats are exacerbated by additional consumption of matching wines. Cheese sweats are very similar to meat sweats, except that cheese sweats have a characteristically pungent mouldy smell.
Cheese snob #1: "That Brie de Meaux was just too delish, darling. I couldn't help myself. I gorged the whole wheel and now I've got cheese sweats."

Cheese snob #2: "Brie de Meux? Smells more like Epoisses cheese sweats to me, Miss Piggy."
by ryesmom June 4, 2013
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A dreamsexual is the only thing in the LGBTQIA that is NOT valid

A dream Stan is a person who idolizes dream watching his every move

There is nothing wrong with watching dream but having a crush might be a bit too far
person 1: bro did you find out person 3 is a dreamsexual/dream stan
person 2 :NO WAY
person 1:yeah
person 3:hey guys
person 1 and 2 synced:fuck off
by ryesmom March 1, 2022
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The most gnarly of gnarly.
Gross. That guy's dreads are the gnarliest I've ever seen.
by ryesmom May 30, 2013
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