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n. One large compilation word, which is used instead of a specific brand name, suggesting that a specific brand name is unimportant so long as one is represented
"I feel like dressing preppy today. What should I wear?"

by rybran September 19, 2009

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n. the swagger of a douche
Wow. Look at him and his swouche.

He's so cute, but he's got such a bad swouche that I just can't date him.
by rybran November 06, 2009

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n. a word used to describe the semen that leaks out of the butthole when having bareback anal sex; often leaks out of a gay man's butt
After I came in his butt, I opened my mouth and let the butt cum drip inside.

I wanted to fill him with butt cum, but he made me use a condom.
by rybran November 06, 2009

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